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Leadership development - networked, international, intercultural
Enabling Change – A multiplier concept for professionalising change leadership
Organizational Development – setting the course for a new era
Personal Stocktaking for Managing Directors
Movendo Consulting 50 ideas -
to leave well-trodden paths.
Points of view
Everyone is talking about Agility, Industry 4.0 and New Work. What does ‘Movendo’s always worked like that’ mean?
The Adventure of Cultural Integration
Feedback – just do it!
Leading leaders means actively shaping the leadership culture!
Of Machines and Footballers
Bjorn FrederickBjorn Frederick
Christian HohlweckChristian Hohlweck
Sabine HahnSabine Hahn
Susanne StockSusanne Stock
Biran YilanciogluBiran Yilancioglu